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Placa NIJ Nivel IV (4) 2.4Kg Stand Alone Multicurve

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Lightweight Standalone Protection

The MAX-4 Standalone Hard Armour Plate in the latest addition in the VestGuard MAX Range.

At just 2.55KG this next generation Hard Armour Plate is manufactured using ceramic and high grade ultra-high molecular polyethylene backing created using the latest technological processing advances.    This process ensures a strong plate capable of withstanding some of the deadliest military ammunition encountered on earth including the AK47 AP, M80 NATO Ball, SS109, and the 30.06 AP sniper round, without the need for any soft armour panel backing.

VestGuard has tested and confirmed the ballistic stopping capabilities of this plate to the NIJ 0101.06 ballistic test standards with back face trauma recorded between 20-35mm (Maximum allowed by the NIJ is 44mm). As a multi-hit Hard Armour Plate, each plate can stop up to 6 shots of the AK47 and M80 NATO Ball, 3 shots of the 5.56x45mm SS109, and up to 2 shots of the 7.62x63mm 30.06 M2 AP. The plate is also capable of stopping other high-powered rifle ammunition listed in the specification tab.

Benefits of the MAX-4 NIJ level IV Ballistic Hard Armour Plate

Multi-hit performance : The MAX-4SA is able to maintain performance even after being hit by multiple rounds through the unique tile formation.

Standalone performance : For customers who don't require soft armour protection, this standalone protection in the best protection on the market (NIJ level IV) at a very low weight.

Angle shot performance : All VestGuard Hard Armour Plates have been designed to defeat and contain angle shots, reducing ricochet dangers to nearby allies.

Backface deformation : Independent ballistic testing has confirmed the MAX-4SA Hard Armour Plate performs well within the NIJ test requirements.

Affordable Solution : As a standalone plate, the MAX-4SA has military capabilities at an affordable price to all.


VestGuard Hard Armour Plates are compatible with any VestGuard Tactical class outer body armour covers, or Tactical Plate carriers. They may also be compatible with any other plate carrier capable of holding a 250x300mm Hard Armour plate. 


VestGuard would recommend this plate to travellers in high threat locations such as Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Please feel free to contact VestGuard sales team to discuss any other location threats.

This plate can be used for military, civilian, media, law enforcement and security purposes, with outstanding stopping capabilities.

Size and Shape

This plate comes in VestGuard standard size 250x300mm. For bulk purchases, VestGuard can manufacture this plate in other shapes and sizes upon request. Please send your technical specification to our sales team for a quotation.


Product Model Number HAP-MAX4SA-125

Standard Plate Size 250 x 300 x 18 mm

Standard Weight* 2.55KG

Protection Level

NIJ level IV (4)

The MAX-4 Ballistic Hard Armour Plate will provide protection against the following ammunition under standard NIJ test requirements

7.62x63mm 180gr, SP

7.62x54mm 147gr, FMJ

7.62x54mm 180gr, FMJ

7.62x51mm 148gr, FMJ - NIJ level III (3) 0101.06 Test ammunition

7.62x39mm 150gr, FMJ

5.45x39mm 054gr, FMJ

5.56x45mm 055gr, FMJ

5.56x45mm 55gr, SS109

7.62x39mm MSC PS

7.62x51mm 148gr, FMJ

7.62x63mm 166gr, M2 AP (Armour Piercing) - NIJ level IV (4) 0101.06 Test ammunition

7.62x57mm 156gr,MSC LPS

7.62x54R 155gr, steel case API B32

7.62x54R 153gr, steel case API Type 53

7.62x54R 153gr, steel case hardened steel core

7.62x54R 147gr, steel core mild steel core (LPS)

7.62x51mm 151gr, M61 AP

7.62x39mm 120gr, API BZ

7.62x39mm 118gr, API Type 56

This plate also provides Fragmentation protection from blasts and explosions to NATO STANAG 2920


Hybrid ceramic tile structure surface

High molecular polyethylene backing


Single curved ergonomic design

Multipurpose front or back protection

Shooters cut corners


Black Nylon finish

Key Features

Compatible with any VestGuard Tactical class Body Armour

Standalone protection

Drop tested to 1.8m

Water, oil, temperature change and fungal growth resistant


Easy wipe clean finish

Do not use bleach or corrosive cleaners on this product

Do not put in a washing machine, hand clean only

Do not submerge in water intentionally


10 years ballistic performance under standard wear and tear conditions

1 year workmanship

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    Placas nivel IV
    Javier M. el día 06/05/2017Super ligeras para la protección que ofrece, tiene el tamaño justo, por lo menos para una persona de medidas en la media, esto hace que sean muy cómodas incluso sentado en vehículo. Máxima protección para tus órganos vitales corazón y pulmones, máximo confort y movilidad. 101% recomendable. Respecto a los vendedores simplemente me quito el sombrero. Unos señores profesionales.

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