FoxFury Taker R40 Riot Shield Light


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The FoxFury Taker R40 is a compact, retrofittable 650 Lumen LED light for riot shields. This high intensity, strobe-capable riot shield light provides security, corrections and law enforcement with a non-lethal crowd control and anti-riot solution in the field. The lightweight R40 utilizes CREE LED technology and is powered by a rechargeable power pack. It is liquid and flame resistant and secures to shields via bolts.
For Use In:
Corrections, Cell Extrication, Riots, Crowd Control

Retrofittable Design

Ballistic shields are expensive. The last thing you want to do is drill a hole in them as it may compromise the shield's ballistic properties. This light and battery pack can quickly and effectively be mounted to shields via the included industrial VELCRO to prevent any unnecessary modification.

Ultra Durable

Our shield lights are fully waterproof, fire-resistant, impact-resistant and can be used in all-weather situations.


A wider beam angle provides panoramic lighting and immediate situation assessment so that you can see and respond faster. This is helpful in close quarters (hallways and doorways).
  • Kill Switch
This light comes with a kill switch feature. It allows the operator to lock out the light from unintentional activation. 

  • Turbo-Strobe
A turbo-strobe option is included with this light. This varying frequency strobe mode is used to disorient individuals when necessary. 

  • Pressure Switch Activation
This model comes equipped with a single pressure switch, which is used to activate the light and change modes. 

  • Powerful
This light delivers a blinding 450 lumens of light.
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FYL Max Lumens    650 Lumens


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