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Veloce Tactical Interchangeable

74,95 €


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Veloce Tactical


Made of Grilamid TR 90 NZZ, a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage. Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit. Adjustable ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable fit.

MORE INFORMATION:  Both Frame and Lens meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. Lenses meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical clarity and eye coverage. Clear lenses are ideal for indoor or low light conditions, High Contrast Red for cloudy conditions and to boost contrast, and Smoke for bright sunlight.

This model has been member tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association.


  • Smoke (Tactical)Smoke (Tactical)15.4% L.T.
  • HC Red™ (Tactical)HC Red™ (Tactical)41.4% LT
  • Clear (Tactical)Clear (Tactical)95.6% L.T.
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