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Bayonet Tactical Belt 45mm THIRDLINE rigid BLACK buckle Cobra ANSI D-RING 18kN Ranger Green

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The belt is designed to carry weapons, ammunition, instrumentation, has sufficient rigidity to carry heavy duty stuff.

Tactical belt:

  •     It is made from two layers medium rigid webbing, sewn in a way, that the internal side of the belt is smooth, and the tip of the shorter layer is completely hidden under the velcro.

  •     Belt is with Velcro to hold adjustable ending, allowing you to wear the belt without belt loops.

  •     The ear D-Ring is quite rigid and there is no risk of rotating without control.

  •     There is no sewed interior plastic, which eventually breaks after some time or cuts the thread.

  •     Belt is sewed in such a way to serve and look properly for a long time.

NOTE: Despite the use of specialized sewing from the best thread on the market with a certified strength, certified webbing and certified buckle, it is prohibited to use the belt for assurance and rescue. At the belts were not performed tests to allow for a safety certificate "CE".

NOTE: Buckles are tools, not jewelry and they are sent by the factory in a big parcel. It may result of minimal errors in coloring or minimal scratches or micro bruising. Larger defects we eliminate by returning buckle to the factory. We tried to make belts in the highest quality also in terms of aesthetics, but there is no way for us to return everything.


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