VestGuard Casco NIJ IIIA Special Forces Negro

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Extra Lightweight Headgear

The Special Forces helmet offers a High Ballistic protection required by the American National Institute of Justice (NIJ), for NIJ Level IIIA ballistic helmets. It is a light weight helmet using high-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber made in the same presses as the PASGT and PASCUT but cut differently to provide full side access for coms and is ideal for special operations.

Weight of approx 1KG (size large)

Supplied to military and government organisations worldwide, our helmets have been field tested for years to be reliable and to perform in even the harshest of environmental conditions.

Made in the UK

Our helmets have undergone physical and environmental performance assessments and comply with both NATO and MIL performance standards.

Independently tested to comply with the latest international approved standards. Offers protection against 9mm, .357 magnum, and .44 magnum. The fragmentation protection has been tested with a V50 result of 650-697 m/s in accordance with STANAG 2920 test criteria. All our helmets come with the VestGuard ten year performance Guarantee as standard.


High ballistic performance with low weight

Perfect fit harness system improves comfort, balance and stress fatigue with a gap between the head and helmet in all directions for excellent ventilation.

Meets and exceeds Shock Absorption to EN-397

Ideal mass distribution reduces lag during head movement.

Tough, durable and reliable

Leather padded front brow

Crown pad for increased trauma protection

Advanced paint provides resistance from outdoor exposure and protects against de-contamination after exposure to chemical agents.

None magnetic, non corrosive metal parts

Resistant against Temperature extremes, Flames, Water and moisture, Ultra Violet (UV)

Comes in a range of size and colour options and weighs as little as 900 grams


VestGuard would recommend this helmet for travelling to high threat locations such as Libya, Iraq, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Ideal for Government, Civilian, maritime, close protection, journalist and military use, amongst others.


Wipe clean design with a ten year performance guarantee included. 


Available from stock for same or next day delivery. Timed services are also available upon request.











21.2 - 23.2

54 - 59



22.5 - 25.2

57 - 64






The Best protection you can Buy

9mm 124gr, FMJ - NIJ level IIIA (3a) 0108.01 Test ammunition
44 Magnum lead Semiwadcutter 240gr - NIJ level IIIA (3a) 0108.01 Test ammunition 

The nightvision shroud is a light, low profile and non obtrusive front shroud solution. It can be used for mounting night vision devices which requires nightvision mounting arm and NVG goggles. This can also be used to replace the original helmet 'hook and strap' mounting system. It includes a foam gasket to provide additional stabilization and eliminate any vibration and wobble. The Picatinny side provides a solid platform for accessories attachment and as a base to mount a variety of headborne accessories to the helmet.

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